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Control the chaos of customer engagement to maximise revenue and retention.

For more than 15 years Ciptex has been building solutions that help businesses to take charge of customer engagement and offer more inviting experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Many of our solutions are built from the ground up to respond to unique customer strategies. We also compose solutions that provide blueprints to address increasingly common business use cases.

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Customer Contact Centres

Most Customer Contact Centre solutions just aren’t built for the speed, scale, and channel variety of modern customer engagement. Pivoting from old to new is a tough path to tread. That’s why we created RACE Contact Centre.

Underpinned by Twilio Flex, RACE Contact Centre provides all the technology, service, and innovation necessary to set up a contact centre that works the way your business wants, and serves up an experience your customers love.

Video kiosks and conferencing

RACE Video Kiosks and Conferencing allows customers to quickly initiate video-based conversation with a contact centre agent from any location a kiosk is present.

The kiosk takes care of everything to deliver a frictionless, high-fidelity experience that enhances customer care, reduces wait times, and presents new ways to scale engagement.

We have deployed our video kiosks to shops, job centres, and even prisons.

Discover how we helped Debt Free London.

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Bespoke customer engagement platforms

More than ever, you need to engage with the right customers at the right time in their customer journey. Revenue growth, loyalty and reputation are all on the line.

Ciptex help you transform customer experience (CX). We bring everything to the table – world-class Twilio technology, unique solution accelerators, extensions, and integrations, plus the original thinking that embeds customer engagement into the heart of your CX strategy.

See how we responded to NFCC’s big plans


Simplify every engagement

Our solutions help you connect cross-business workflows and other important apps to create a more direct, simplified, customer experience.

Boost revenue and keep every customer

When you offer your customers a better experience they come back, buy more, and tell their friends. Ciptex solutions make this a reality.

Less waiting, faster value

In the world of customer engagement, every second counts. Our solutions cut out the time wasting without cutting corners – delivering results in a faction of the time.

Delivered with authority

With so much at stake, our track record of countless successful projects means we bring a steady hand and proven expertise to every solution.

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